Linko更是为了所有热爱交流探索的用户而倾心打造的。在这里,我们打破了各国不同社交网络的隔阂,我们向所有人完全开放了各语言的群聊小组,是名副其实的 Online Global Village. 即使你只会一门语言,你也可以在这推广母语、帮助初学者并通过他们了解外国文化。

—  What is Linko?  —

Linko is a website that connects culture and language enthusiasts worldwide, creating the most immersive language experience at your fingertips with authentic perspectives and up-to-date information.

—  Why Linko?  —

As a group of scholars studying abroad, we deeply appreciate the synergetic power of cultures. However, we experience the hardship of learning foreign languages every single day.

After trying many language-learning tools that are currently available, we found a handful of shortcomings to them, such as the lack of long-term commitment and motivation, the mismatch of proficiency levels and the awkwardness of 1-to-1 conversations.

For this reason, we started Linko to redefine the process of learning language by creating a symbiotic community for language learners and native speakers to learn from one another.

  —  How Linko Works?  —

On our website, you can find daily news and articles of various topics in three languages (English, Chinese and French).

Each article is accompanied by a chat room, where language learners and native speakers worldwide can discuss in real time.

Other features include local meet up and audio greetings.

—  We are Unique because:  —

  • We engage users for a long time by posting up-to-date and interesting contents
  • Discussions/conversations on Linko never run out of topics because we post new articles everyday to stimulate inspiring discussions
  • We cater to language learners of all levels through articles from a variety of sources and difficulty levels
  • With a large user base worldwide, there will always be someone to chat with you anytimeanywhere.
  • We offer you the most accessible and convenient way to listen to authentic views of people from another continent
  • We redefine gatherings by bringing people together even though they are thousands of miles apart