Cool Musical Instrument

Cool Musical Instrument


There are many unique musical instruments despite all the famous ones like the piano and the violin. Although they are not as commonly known as some other musical instruments, they all have their own beauty. For example, the air piano, which is invented in Germany, has no keys and is played by moving your fingers above it! It looks like magic while your hands move in the air and beautiful music comes out! Such cool musical instruments provide people with special visual and aural feast.


The Air piano: an innovative instrument with a wealth of possibilities for live performers

The air piano was invented by Omer Yosha in Germany . First prototypes came out in 2008 Yes it’s called a “piano" but it has no keys neither you need to play “keys" to make it work. Yes, it looks like magic while your hands move in the air. Somehow I feel (as piano player myself) that maybe “air piano" was not the right name for it as I’d say it’s more a “digital controller" but I guess that as it looks similar to a keyboard this came to mind to his creator. It looks in fact like magic and offers so many possibilities!

Balalaika: the strings of Russian Folk

The Balalaika with origins in the XVI century (sometimes wrongly referred as “russian guitars") is one of the major Russian musical instruments, along with the Domra, the Accordion and the Guitar.The Balalaika most likely evolved from the Oriental Dombra, which is still played in present-day Kazakhstan. It is said that the Balalaika embodies the Russian people’s character, with its ability to switch from happiness to sadness with ease. It was common for the peasant ballads, composed for the Balalaika, to irreverently poke fun at the authority of the times. For this reason there were times when the Balalaika was banned by both the Orthodox Church and the State. The instrument enjoyed its greatest folk popularity in the early 18th century. It was also carried by the common people when they fled Russia at times of war.

AUERGLASS: Experimental Organ by Tauba Auerbach and Cameron Mesirow

The “Auerglass" is an experimental and self designed two person pumped organ out of the mind of two artists Tauba Auerbach and Cameron Mesirow (singer-songwriter also known as Glasser). It’s one of those delightful cases of “music meets art". The instrument needs of two person playing simultaneously so it cannot be played by one person alone.

Being the creators best friends they conceived it as a “tandem" instrument so each of the two players has a keyboard with alternating notes of a four octave scale and must pump to supply the wind to the other player’s notes.

The Hang: No it’s not an UFO it’s one of the most cool percussion instruments ever!

No, it is not a wok, and it is not an UFO out of the 50´s scifi movies…It resembles an inverted steel drum, and it sound is somehow similar yet more tribal and hypnotic, relaxing and serene. The instrument has a soft, sorrowful, melancholic tone a perfect companion for emotional and ambient music.Despite its rarity (and price) it’s been embraced by many hippy communities and musicians on the street (sure a great inversion) and it’s quickly become an sensation and new hottest trend among hand drum players.

Erhu: The weeping and moving chinese violin

There are only a few instruments that in my opinion can be played with such great beauty and sadness. The chinese violin or erhu have that distinct weeping sound, with those typically sliding notes that points it as one of the most reknown sounds of Asian music not only en ensembles and orchestras but also as a solo instrument with an ever changing haunting and sometimes very similar to human voice sound able to convey a great variety of moods (from melancholic to merry) being even more expressive and soulful than the occidental violin, from lavish low tones to clear high notes.


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