Traditional Costumes from Around the World – Europe

Traditional Costumes from Around the World – Europe

Written 28 December 2017

When we think of a culture, we think of its people, its food and of course – its costumes.  Even in a region as interconnected as Europe, each country has developed its own unique identity and costume. Here are just 4 of the many traditional costumes from across European cultures.

Dirndl – Austria, South Tyrol, Bavaria

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A dirndl is a traditional dress worn by females across Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol. As the clothing is based off that worn by Alps peasants, costumes adapted from the dirndl are known as Landhausmode (German for “country-inspired fashion").

 Gákti – Finland, Norway, Russia, Sweden

Source: Flickr

The gákti is a traditional clothing belonging to the Sámi people who reside in northern Finland, Norway, Sweden, and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. It is worn both in ceremonies and in work. Women’s gáktis tend to be longer than males.

Kilt – Ireland, Scotland

Source: PxHere

The kilt is commonly associated with the Scottish, but it is also worn by the Irish. It was once much longer, reaching about 5 metres in length. Kilts can come in many different colours, such as red, green or even purple.

Kroj – Czech Republic, Slovakia

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The kroj is a folk costume worn by Central Europeans, such as the Czechs and Slovaks. Characterised by bell-shaped skirts and shawls and kerchiefs on the head, the kroje are worn on very special occasions.

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Hello everyone! I’m Qinbo How is it going? 2018 is coming and I wish everyone all the best for the coming new year!

Have you all read today’s article? The article today talks about a very common and popular topic. That’s right: costumes, especially traditional costumes come from Europe. This article also mentions some examples of the costumes. These include the kilt from Scotland and Ireland; the Kroj from the Czech Republic and Slovakia; the Gakti, comes mainly from the northern area of Norway and the Dirndl, dress worn by females across Austria, Bavaria and South Tyrol.

Just as the author of the article said, " When we think of a culture, we think of its people, its food and of course its costumes." . It is truly amazing to think about that so many different types of costumes emerged from one region that’s so interconnected!

Alright, now it is time for questions: Apart from European costumes, what other traditional costumes can you think of? Can you briefly introduce some of the features?

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what are some traditional costumes in your region?
in my hometown, people wear Qi Pao to grand celebrations such as the Luner New Year
However, few people are willing to wear them in their daily lives, possibly because they are restrictive
In my honetown, a lot of people does not wear traditional costume during festivals
traditional costumes like Han fu 汉服,are mainly worn for performances, which is quite sad
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