First Snow 2017

First Snow 2017


Although people living in southern USA might be elated to see snowfall, residents in the Northeast are used to snow. Snow on roads are quickly cleared to make way for cars. The birds are obvious against the white background: they perch on branches and wait in queues to enjoy their meal provided by residents. In addition, many turkeys walk around the town to look for food, mainly acorns, under the snow. They are welcomed as long as they don’t disturb the residents. What a lovely and harmonious scene!

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There is something about a first snow of the season that puts a smile on everyone’s face in the Northeast. The storm that slammed the south a couple of days ago moved into New England overnight and left us with a heavy coating of wet snow. It might have caused a panic among folks in Texas, Georgia, Virginia…. but here, it’s life as usual. We had a holiday gathering last night and the hearty among us walked quite a distance in steady snowfall instead of driving to the gala. The hallway of the party home was piled so high with boots that it was difficult to open the front door and navigate the mountain of thawing, dripping footwear. No one blinks twice at a sight like that. It’s a normal scene around here.

Our roads were cleared of snow by dawn and the same for driveways in our neighborhood… something we never saw in a Virginia storm. Of course, Virginia snows usually melted in 24-hours.

Feathered friends, both on the ground and feeders, were active at first light. I’m happy to report that the Cooper’s hawk was not able to catch our blue jay and the pair returned to feed today. I do hope the hawk found a nice little house sparrow or two or ten instead.

Waiting their turn

Juncos are abundant this year

Hard to take your eyes off our bright cardinal. Hope he’s watching out for our Cooper’s Hawk!

On the ground the day before, we counted 19 turkeys poking around for something to eat… not beneath the feeder but in the borders around the house. Most of our regular flock are young turkeys, now learning to find food beneath snow. We have plenty of oak trees that provide an abundance of acorns for them. I’m still delighted when I see the turkeys. They parade from home to home, up and down our driveways, in single file along our street, roost overnight in our trees, and are treated as neighborhood adoptees. As long as they are well-behaved, we welcome them.


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Hi there~ Merry Christmas!

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When does it start to snow in your hometown? What's your favorite scene in the winter?
never seen snow in my hometown yet
if it happens one day, it will be the start of another ice age
Wow oni 3 of us
Now 2
Merry Christmas
merry Christmas!
how do u celebrate Christmas
Christmas is not celebrated as a religious holiday in Japan. And working adults still work on Christmas as it is not considered a public holiday.
But you still see couples celebrating Christmas together on the streets~. We also celebrate 天皇誕生日 (emperor's birthday) on the 23rd December, amidst the Christmas atmosphere.
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